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Know your Rank

Soldiers don’t get tied up in the affairs of civilian life, for then they cannot please the officer who enlisted them.

2 Timothy 2:4

One word that God has placed in my heart for 2019 is Deployment. Last year was a season of preparation for many missions that I will have to accomplish this year, in many areas of my life. I know some of those assignments already and some are still a mystery to me. That’s ok.

As part of my preparation for future “missions”, as I like to call these assignments, the Spirit has led me to read Paul’s Pastoral Epistles. My journey started at 1 Timothy and has continued with the assistance of a devotional plan from one of my favorite apps, First 5 (When I “grow up” I want to be like Lysa Terkeust). In my study, I came across the verse above and many things that the Lord had placed in my heart started to make sense.

When a soldier is deployed for a mission, he cannot get tied up with the affairs of common life. This doesn’t make the soldier better than anyone in the sense of their humanity and dignity. However, this means that the soldier is held to a higher standard than a civilian; therefore, his or her focus should be on the mission, not in getting caught up with other daily life matters that will deter him/her from completing the mission the General has commanded him/her with.

This verse came alive as I realized that there were some things, people, conversations, books, media, attitudes and commitments that I had to say “no” to because they were misguiding me from the mission that God had placed upon my heart. This year I have had to leave things behind that are good, in fact, great, yet they are civilian matters in comparison to what I should be focusing on at the moment.

This year I had to realize that my priority is pleasing the General of Generals, God. No one else. Just Him. I have received “orders” left and right from others who mean well, orders that have put in question the orders that my General placed upon my life. But like a good soldier that knows the voice of his General, I shall only listen to the voice of mines, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

If God has entrusted you with an assignment and/or ministry that goes beyond your imagination, your ability or beyond yourself, this message is for you. Be encouraged. Not getting tied up in civilian matters can feel lonely and the feeling of being left out, rejected, can quickly creep in. Having to set boundaries because you know God has called you for a different mission than your loved ones can hurt. Having to deal with people questioning your decisions, talking about your character and subconsciously even waiting for you to fail hurts. Despite all of it, KNOW YOUR RANK.

God has called you for special assignments that not many will understand. Such assignments may lead you, actually, WILL lead you to persecution and suffering. Whoever tells you living a godly life is peaches and cream is not preaching the true gospel. As you go through it, know your rank. In other words, know what the Lord has called you to do, called you to BE. Make no apologies for speaking God’s truth. Make no apologies for decisions that are Spirit led. Make no apologies for boundaries that need to be placed. Make no apologies for relationships that need to end. Don’t get caught up in civilian matters. Don’t get caught up in arguments or conversations that will not bear fruit or even help you fulfill God’s purpose for your life.

Know your Rank. As long as you are working under the directives of He who enlisted you, you are in the right path.


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